Bus Rapid Transit Project

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The East-West BRT system will include three separate service patterns, one of which, BRT C, will serve as a link between the North and South Transfer Points. This route will use BRT buses, operating as BRT from Park St. to First St., and as local service north and south of the BRT corridor, providing a bus every 15 minutes linking the two transfer points.

The East-West BRT budget includes funding to purchase the larger buses needed for the North/South BRT line, making the project easier to fund in the future.

BRT A – Runs east to west from East Town Mall to High Point Rd. mainly along East Washington Ave, University Ave, and Mineral Point Rd.
BRT B – Runs from the Capitol Square to Middleton using BRT infrastructure from the Capitol Square to Whitney Way.
BRT C – Runs from the South Transfer Point to the North Transfer Point using BRT infrastructure from Park St. to First St.

Madison East   West BRT

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Routes Under Consideration

  1. Mendota St. Cut Off
  2. West Transfer Point/Rosa Rd.


BRT will run in dedicated bus lanes, mixed traffic, and on the street shoulder. A portion of the line will run in new and existing dedicated bus lanes. For BRT running in mixed traffic, queue jumps and traffic signal controls will allow the BRT buses to move more quickly through traffic. Street shoulders will be used during heavy congestion along Campus Dr.

Guideways Under Consideration

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Guideways Under Consideration

  1. Center Running Way East Washington
  2. Center Running Way Mineral Point/Whitney Way

Station Locations

There are a number of route, guideway and station location refinements under consideration. Final determinations will be made through the planning process in 2021.

station Locations

Several refinements to the station locations are recommended:

  1. Added station at Big Sky
  2. Yellowstone station split into two – Grand Canyon and Island
  3. Whitney Way at Sheboygan station split into two – Eau Claire and Regent
  4. Webster and Livingston moved to Blair and Paterson
  5. Revised east terminal station locations on East Washington at Independence and East Springs

Station Features

Station Features

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The following will be featured at all BRT station locations.

  • Level boarding
  • Shelter 
  • Wind screen
  • Seating
  • Next bus arrival sign
  • Emergency phone
  • Audio push button 
  • Ticket vending 
  • Ticket validation
  • Adjacent bike parking

 Bus Features


Vehicles will feature the following:

  • 60 foot length to provide added capacity
  • 100% electric
  • Level boarding from platform or curb
  • Boarding options (front & back)
  • Bike storage
  • Wi-Fi potential

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