FY2023 Capital Budget & Capital Improvement Plan Projects

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The 2023 Executive Capital Budget and Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) invests in buildings, infrastructure, and other capital projects that make Madison a stronger, safer, and healthier community. The 2023 Executive CIP invests $1.27 billion in 180 projects between 2023 and 2028. The CIP leverages multiple funding sources, including once-in-a-generation federal funding opportunities, to advance City priorities of affordable housing, transit, climate resilience and sustainability, and equity.

As with prior years, the 2023 Capital Budget is aligned with the elements of a great city, outlined in the comprehensive plan, Imagine Madison:

  1. Land Use & Transportation
  2. Neighborhoods & Housing
  3. Economy & Opportunity
  4. Culture & Character
  5. Green & Resilient
  6. Effective Government
  7. Health & Safety

Please click here to view some of the major projects included in the 2023 Capital Improvement Plan.

Additionally, a list of all active and completed projects, as well as information regarding each project, can be found here.

2023 Executive Budget and Capital Improvement Plan