Atwood Avenue

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The proposed project includes pavement reconstruction, curb and gutter, existing sidewalk spot replacements and repairs, new multi-use path/sidewalk, Americans with Disabilities Act compliant curb ramps, storm sewer replacement, new street lighting, replacement of sanitary sewer and water main, new pavement marking, and new signs.

A portion of the street will have on-street bicycle accommodations as part of the project (see recent public mailer below). The exception being between Fair Oaks Avenue and Oakridge Avenue. Inbound cyclists have the opportunity of continuing on-street in a shared peak hour/parking lane or divert to the nearby Capital City Trail. Due to space constraints, outbound cyclists can either continue from the west on-street or utilize Fair Oaks Avenue on-street bike lanes to navigate to nearby adjacent routes including the Capital City Trail to connect into Atwood Avenue. A wider 7-foot wide sidewalk will be provided on the south side of Atwood Avenue within this segment to accommodate added pedestrian volume and small children with a destination of Lowell Elementary School. The north sidewalk of Atwood Avenue will have spot replacements to the 5-foot sidewalk.

The new bike path with adjacent sidewalk will primarily run parallel on the south sidewalk of Atwood Avenue and connect into Lakeland Avenue. The path will include a new pedestrian/bike bridge crossing over the Starkweather Creek parallel to the roadway bridge. New parking areas and street lighting are also included.

An 7-foot wide path will run along the north side of Atwood Avenue between Walter Street and Sugar Avenue to provide access to facilities including Olbrich Gardens and Olbrich Park. An additional 10-foot wide path will run along the north side of Atwood Avenue between Dennett Street and Walter Street to provide connectivity to the Capital City Trail.

Off-street bike facilities include a 10-foot wide path with an adjacent 5-foot wide sidewalk that extends along the south side of Atwood Avenue, between Oakridge Avenue and Dennett Street. On-street bike lanes will be provided from Dennett Drive to Cottage Grove Road. In addition, travel lanes are minimized from 11 feet to 10 feet at the intersection of Atwood Avenue and Cottage Grove Road in order to maintain the on-street bike lanes and sidewalks on both sides of the street without having large impacts to adjacent buildings and landscaping.